Shusha Today

Worldchefs president prepares specially designed “Shushali” dish

18 January 2023, 23:23

President of the World Association of Chefs Societies (Worldchefs) Thomas Gugler has today visited the city of Shusha, Azerbaijan’s cultural capital.

During the trip, Thomas Gugler has met with Deputy Executive Director of the Shusha City State Reserve Department, Acting Executive Director Tural Novruzov.

He familiarized himself with the host of cultural and historical sites located in the city, including the “shot monuments” of Azerbaijani prominent personalities, the Shusha Fortress, Bulbul House-Museum and the Jidir Duzu plain. The Worldchefs president also viewed the preparation process of Boyanali plov, which belongs to Karabakh region, as well as “Shah Plov” – the King of Azerbaijani cuisine.

Worldchefs President Thomas Gugler, inspired by the cultural capital of Azerbaijan, prepared a specially designed “Shushali dish” with a creative recipe, symbolizing Shusha.

As part of his visit to the country, Thomas Gugler also attended the conference on promoting the national cuisine organized by the State Tourism Agency in Baku on January 17.