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Kuwaiti traveler: It is sad to see the destroyed residences in Aghdam and Shusha

4 November 2023

“It is really sad to see the destroyed buildings and residences in the cities of Aghdam and Shusha. I’ve traveled around the world and seen the war, the post-war situations and similar history in several places. It always breaks my heart what the war and the conflicts do,” said a member of international travelers group, Kuwaiti traveler Bader Alshuaib as he visited Azerbaijan’s cities of Aghdam and Shusha.

“This is my first visit to Azerbaijan and to the Karabakh region. I am here to learn about the history. I’ve seen the past and now also I’ve seen parts of the future. I see that the government is working hard to build a brighter future, new start in this region and it seems promising,” Alshuaib noted.

“If the investment companies are interested in the tourism sector here, I am sure that there would be a good potential for tourism,” the Kuwaiti traveler said.