Shusha Today

“Garabaghname” exhibition opens as part of Kharibulbul festival in Shusha


An exhibition entitled “Garabaghname” opened on Sunday as part of the 7th Kharibulbul International Music Festival, co-organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Ministry of Culture in Shusha.

The exhibition, launched at the Creative Center in Shusha, features the works by 23 artists reflecting the history, rich culture, and everyday life of Karabakh, especially the history and architecture of Shusha.

“Lalazar Bridge”, “Saatli Mosque”, “Free Shusha”, “Pearl of Shusha”, “Motherland” and other works by Azerbaijani artists, highlighting the history and fascinating nature of Karabakh, aroused great interest among the visitors.

The artists, whose works are on display, also shared their joy saying that they will dedicate a special place to Karabakh and its crown jewel, Shusha in their future works.