Shusha Today

Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the Shusha Digital Management Center owned by “Azerishig” OJSC in Shusha

10 May 2022, 22:10

On 10 May, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the Shusha Digital Management Center owned by “Azerishig” OJSC in Shusha.

The chairman of “Azerishig” OJSC, Vugar Ahmadov, briefed the President on the conditions created at the management center.

It was noted that the Digital Management Center opened in Shusha was a critical facility in terms of providing the city with sustainable and quality energy. Instead of the traditional three-stage, 35/10-6/0.4 kV distribution networks, the circular power supply scheme installed in Shusha has been replaced with modern two-stage 35/0.4 kV networks.

The commissioning of the new network will eliminate the costs of construction, maintenance and operation of traditional 35/10 kV substations and 10 kV power transmission lines, minimize technological losses, and reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on the environment and living organisms. Service personnel and specialized vehicles will not be necessary, and the quality of service will be improved. At the same time, introducing a modern SK-11 SCADA dispatch control system, which fully covers 110/35/0.4 kV networks, will expand the network’s management capabilities. For the first time, the SK-11 SCADA dispatch control system will enable control of low-voltage (0.4 kV) circuits in the modern digital network model up until the end consumer.

Whereas the dispatch control system in distribution networks covered only high-voltage lines in the past, these capabilities have now been significantly expanded. As a result, the management of electricity from the point of purchase to the subscriber meter, the energy balance, quality, uninterrupted delivery, automatic recovery in case of accident, registration and archiving of information about networks by switching from paper to electronic media are now under complete control thanks to the SK-11 system.

The Digital Control Center of 35/0.4 kV networks applied in Shusha for the first time can connect to other substations and provides a stable and uninterrupted power supply to the city of Shusha.

For the first time in the field of electricity, the Shusha Digital Management Center is using alternative and renewable energy sources to provide power supply to substations in case of emergency and to compensate for special consumption needs of the substations. Technical and economic indicators have been enhanced, and uninterrupted feeding of equipment was ensured.

President Ilham Aliyev launched the Shusha Digital Management Center owned by “Azerishig” OJSC.