Famous people of Shusha

The people of Shusha made it the pearl of the Caucasus, the cradle of our culture, the mugham-singing heart of Azerbaijan

Famous people of Shusha

Gamar Sheyda

Gamar Sheyda (1881-1933) was a poet and playwright from Azerbaijan.

Gamar Sheyda was born in Shusha in 1881 as Gamarnisa to Ata Khan Abrakhanov and Boyuk Khanum Javanshir. Ata Khan died when his daughter was young and she was brought up by her older brother, Mohammed, who organized a teacher for his sister at home, and then later encouraged her to go to Shusha School for secondary education. As a teenager, she was presented to the poet Khurshidbanu Natavan at a Majlisi-uns (poetic assembly), who recognised her talent and gave her the nickname “Sheyda” which she adopted. Natavan’s poetry was a strong influence on Sheyda.

Sheyda was married to Sadig bey Vazirov. They had six children: two sons – Bahadur bey and Nadir bey; four daughters – Leyla khanum, Sanuber khanum, Hamida khanum and Antiga khanum.

Sheyda died in Baku in 1933. It is reported that at her death Sheyda left many manuscripts, however only a few have survived.

Sheyda was a poet and was particularly well-known for writing ghazals. She was part of a wide poetic network in Azerbaijan and exchanged idea and poems with the writer Ziba Ardabili.

Sheyda also wrote plays and the manuscript of the “Flood of Oppression” (Azerbaijani: Zülmün Daşqını), written in 1918, is kept at the Institute of Manuscripts of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.