Armenian vandalism in Shusha

Shusha cave camp

Shusha cave camp that related to Stone Age has a special place among the historical monuments of Shusha, the city that is considered the historical and cultural center of Azerbaijan. The Shusha cave is located close to the Shusha city, in the valley, lefts side of the Dashalti River, in 1400 meters height from the sea level. The length of the Shusha cave camp is 120 meters and its width is 20 meters. There are remaining of thick stone fortifications, castle walls related to the Middle Ages near the entrance to the Shusha cave. During the archaeological excavations, two rough choppers related to Paleolithic time and micro lithe knifes related to Mesolithic time have been found in the cave. Examples of clay plates related to Neolith time of V-IV millenniums B.C pieces of broken faience products related to Bronze and Iron Ages have been from the mixed grounds.[1]

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