Armenian vandalism in Shusha

Estate of Haji Gulu

The Estate of Haji Gulu is located in the central part of Shusha city (in Khoja Marjanli). This three-story building, like all luxurious mansions, reflects the national architectural style in both exterior and interior. The mansion was founded in 1849 by the merchant Gulu Mahammadali oglu.

There were 46 rooms and 2 large halls in the Estate. One of those halls of the Estate of Haji Gulu is supposed to be described in the picture of the Russian artist V. V. Vereshchagin who traveled to Shusha in 1865.

During the occupation of Shusha city by the Armenian Armed Forces in 1992, the Estate of Haji Gulu was shelled by artillery fire and its walls were destroyed. Today only the ruins of a mansion, consisting of the outer walls, remain.

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