Armenian vandalism in Shusha

Shusha History Museum

Shusha History Museum was of History-Ethnography Museum type. The Museum contained rare photographs depicting the history of Shusha, documents related to the 19th-20th centuries, the projects, models, and photographs of the residential buildings of historical importance constructed in the 18th-19th centuries. There were also interesting stands and exhibits about the well-known Azerbaijani intellectuals, educators, singers, musicians, and writers born and raised in Shusha.

The decorative and applied art section contained valuable art objects, jugs, pot sets, pottery, carpet, and rugs woven in Shusha and surrounding villages, decorative knitting patterns.

The Museum was open until the occupation of the city of Shusha by the Armenian Armed Forces in May 1992. It was impossible to salvage a significant part of the exhibits, which were plundered and destroyed by Armenians.

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