Armenian vandalism in Shusha

Mardinli Mosque

Mardinli Mosque was one of the 17 mosques that were operating in Susha city during the 19th century. The city of Shusha consisted of 17 mahallas (quarter/district/neighborhood) that were divided into upper and lower mahallas. Mardinli Mosque was located on the intersection of the Sadigjan and Garasherov streets of the Mardinli mahalla, which was part of the upper mahallas of Shusha city.

Together with other famous mosques and historical monuments of the Shusha city, Mardinli Mosque was considered one of the most valuable historical and religious monuments of the Shusha State Historical and Architectural Reserve. The fate of the mosque was like other historical monuments of the Shusha after the occupation of the city by the Armenian Armed Forces in May 1992. It has been destroyed and plundered by Armenians during its 28 years of occupation.